Black and white photography, what’s the appeal?

Fall is just around the corner and my two daughters are back in school. We are back into a routine and I am now able to focus my attention on some of the things around our house that have been neglected due to summer fun. I have been wanting to freshen up some décor in our home and update some pictures on our wall. Especially in our dining room since fall and winter bring more people to gather inside around the table. While we were in Asheville on vacation there was a lot of local art and it got me to thinking “why don’t I have any local art in my home?” I live in a beautiful beach town and I wanted that represented in my home. I’ve grown up in this town and have a beach spot that my family I use still till this day. I decided that I wanted black and white pictures of this location hanging on our wall. Why black and white? Well, I’ve always loved black and white and feel like it gives off great emotion. Black and white photos emphasize texture and expression of light giving it that powerful notion behind the photo. It really makes you focus on the composition and lighting. Here are my three favorite from our local beach spot.

Do you love black and white photography? If so, I would love to see it!

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Location and headshot ideas…

I recently had the opportunity to take some headshots of my husband’s cousin Samantha. She writes for the wellness section of a blog called Sky Braun. She needed some headshots and pictures for the site. She wanted them to feel relaxed and approachable.  Here are some of the shots.

Here are some headshot locations and ideas:

Locations: Typically with it being a head shot you can get away with a simple background because the focus is from the shoulders up, but if they need some full body shots in as well then these locations are great.

  • a local library
  • a farmers market
  • beach
  • hiking or bike path
  • garden
  • downtown for more of an urban feel

Ideas: I would suggest gearing your pictures towards what your client needs. With Samantha she needed some shots that felt approachable and casual. We both loved the idea of the beach and I brought along a sweater made of cozy material and a white blanket. These props weren’t the main focus but gave the pictures a relaxed natural feel. Here are some other ideas:

  • Brick background with glasses or books
  • yoga mat and a garden background
  • at a kitchen island with cooking props

Like I said above, since the idea is to have the main focus from the shoulder up props are not always necessary but they can help bring variety.

Do you like to add a few props or subtle extras to make a headshot unique?