Pumpkin Patch at Congaree and Penn

Every fall since my oldest was only 2 months old, I’ve loved and looked forward to pumpkin patch season. We’ve been to many over the years and have had fun at most of them. I soak these moments in because there will come a day that my girls will be too old to want to visit a pumpkin patch. This year we had heard through friends about this new patch at Congaree and Penn. This farm is really beautiful with its orchards, outdoor eating, and oak trees. After taking a few shots of the kids we let them loose to explore the property. They ran down the long dirt paths and just enjoyed their time together playing. I highly recommend Congaree and Penn. They seem to always have fun events and are so kind and welcoming.

Do you guys visit pumpkin patches or pick one up from the store?




Family friendly Castaway Island Preserve

Last weekend I convinced my family to take a Sunday evening stroll around Castaway Island. This Preserve is nestled between San Pablo Road and the Intercoastal waterway. It has a floating dock that my girls enjoyed walking on and looking for crabs. They have a family friendly trail that has animal footprints along the path. It has long winding wooden paths that lead to a look out over the intercoastal. From there you can see the Beach Blvd Bridge. My family had a wonderful time exploring this preserve and I highly recommend it. Not only does it have beautiful views, it also provides fun educational information for young learners.