Washington Oaks Park. Three areas to check out during your visit.

Last weekend was my birthday and one of my wishes was to spend some time exploring with my family. I had been once to Washington Oaks Park before and knew that next time I needed to bring my husband and two daughters. I knew they would find this location to be beautiful and magical. So, we set off Saturday afternoon and headed south. Washington Oaks Park is located in Palm Coast, FL. It is approximately an hour and 15 minutes south of where we are located. We took the A1A scenic route and enjoyed taking our time looking at the houses along the ocean. While we were there we explored The Rose Garden, The Large Oak Tree, and The Gazebo.

Rose Garden

After exploring the Rose Garden we then followed the path to The Large Oak Tree. If you do any research on Washington Oaks Park you will find many pictures in front of this tree. I’ve seen engagement and small wedding pictures taken in front of this beautiful tree. My girls were in awe of how large it was and how its branches spread out like it had arms. They enjoyed running around its base and resting in its shade.

The last spot we visited was the Gazebo. It was nearing the end of our adventure and it was getting warmer. We stopped and rested here and enjoyed the views before heading home. If you are looking for a day trip to a state park here in Florida. I highly recommend Washington Oaks.